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Restore your commercial building or home’s history with masonry restoration, stone cleaning, and more from the experts at Forston Construction Co., LLC! To get started, reach out to us at 262-246-4989!

Restore Your Home’s Original Beauty

Has your home’s brick or stonework began to crumble? Have you noticed missing bricks, cracks in the mortar, or weakened joints? Whether you own a historical property and are looking to restore its historical charm or are attempting to preserve your home’s existing brick face, our building restoration specialists can help. Alongside addressing any structural or durability-related concerns, the experts at Forston Construction Co., LLC can enhance your home or business’s overall appearance. Instead of tearing out broken brick or stone, save money by repairing what is already there and returning it to its best shape! As long as your home’s foundation is intact and too many extensive repairs are not required, performing building restoration can be more cost-effective than a full renovation.

Forston Construction Co., LLC’s specialists are equipped to handle the following building restoration services:

Masonry restoration:

Return old, weathered brick to its original, pristine condition! We are equipped to perform both minor repairs to exterior brick or major restoration work on a historical building. By replacing or augmenting existing mortar with new, stronger mortar, your building will not only become more structurally-sound, but will look like new. Because using the correct mortar is essential for both strength and matching the existing mortar, Forston Construction Co., LLC building restoration specialists only use the highest-quality products for every masonry restoration job.

Tuckpointing/Mortar Repairs:

Tuckpointing involves using two contrasting colors of mortar within the joints of brickwork, one of which being the same color as the brick, to give the illusion that fine joints were made. Besides adding a high-quality touch to your home’s appearance, this technique helps mortar that is in weakened condition by providing a waterproof mortar joint. By repairing or adding new mortar joints, an existing brick structure is strengthened, the life of the wall is extended, and the risk of moisture problems behind the wall is reduced. Do you think your home or business could benefit from tuckpointing or mortar repairs? Call our experts!

Stone Cleaning:

Restore your worn stone back to the way it looked the day it was installed with stone cleaning services from the team at Forston Construction Co., LLC. Choose a professional who is well-versed in stone cleaning with the right knowledge, tools, and equipment to get the job done right. Natural stone adds elegance and unique curb appeal to your home – we can brighten up your stonework and help your home stand out! If you are a business owner, ensure you make a positive first impression on your potential clients by relying on us to clean up your business’s stone storefront.


For rock buildings with decorative blocks or brick work, Forston Construction Co., LLC can strengthen your building’s rock work with professional caulking. We will repair cracks in mortar, sealing them to prevent rain and water infiltration into your rock walls which will ultimately degrade their integrity over time. Improve your decorative rock or brick’s aesthetic appeal and ensure it lasts for years to come with caulking repairs from the professionals.

See your home or historical building restored to its original condition with help from the building restoration specialists at Forston Construction Co., LLC. For masonry restoration, tuckpointing, stone cleaning, and more in Sussex, WI, reach out to us at 262-246-4989 today! All estimates are complimentary.

Forston Construction Co., LLC is a full-service masonry and concrete contractor serving clients in Sussex, WI and within a 50-mile radius of Waukesha, WI. From concrete pads to restoring masonry work, our experts have the expertise and knowledge to provide high-quality results, guaranteed. We are also building restoration specialists!